Do You Know What Digestive Enzymes Are, Where They Come From and What They Do? Read On……..

Digestive enzymes are substances produced in our bodies by the pancreas and some in the salivary glands.

Their purpose is to break down the foods we eat in order for them to be distributed and utilized throughout our bodies. They are necessary for life.

Sometimes, due to illness, long-term medication use or an unhealthy diet, a person’s body will stop producing these needed enzymes. When this happens, the food one eats cannot do the individual any nutritional good, and, if it continues, he or she will not survive.

One of the signs of the lack of digestive enzymes is noticed when an individual loses control of his or her bowels after eating. Another indication of the lack of enzymes is when a person eats very well throughout the day, yet they lose weight and become thinner and thinner. This is a very debilitating condition that eventually is fatal. But, even if a person experiences a serious illness and takes medication over a period of time, he or she can begin producing their own digestive enzymes again from their diet. Raw fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of enzymes. However, the American diet is generally enzyme-deficient because the majority of the food we consume has been cooked or processed.

Digestive enzymes can also be taken orally from a whole food source of supplementation. They can be taken before or during a meal to help with occasional symptoms like gas, heartburn, water retention bloating and fatigue. They can be taken between meals as well since they are used up in the digestive process.

A Health Connection offers excellent digestive enzymes as well as a program to help individuals regain the production of his or her own enzymes……..Brenda Ihle, RN, CHN, HHP

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