Health Tip: Get the Nutrients You Need

Are some essentials missing from your diet?

Your body needs a variety of nutrients to function properly and stay healthy.

The American Academy of Family Physicians offers this list of essential nutrients and examples of where to find them:

Calcium, which is acquired from dairy products and leafy, dark-colored green vegetables.

Potassium, acquired from bananas, raisins, spinach, nuts and fish.

Fiber, found in legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Magnesium, from peas, black beans, spinach and almonds.

Vitamin A, found in milk, eggs, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and carrots.

Vitamin C, found in fruits such as strawberries, oranges and kiwi, and veggies such as broccoli and green peppers.

Vitamin E, found in seeds and nuts, whole grains, avocados and spinach…..Daily Health News…………….

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