About Brenda

P2-1I am Brenda Ihle. First, a wife, mother, grandmother, then an RN, CHN (Certified Holistic Nutritionist), and a HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner).  Most everyone knows what an RN is, but maybe, not as many are familiar with a Certified Holistic Nutritionist or Holistic Health Practitioner. These are ones who focus on a natural approach to health and healing to bring balance to all aspects of the person by integrating the body, mind and spirit.  In other words, these are ones who address disease as an imbalance in the physical, emotional, spiritual or environmental components of an individual’s life.

I have 26+ years of acute, long-term care, occupational and home care nursing experience, along with 10 years of nutritional health practice incorporated into these other disciplines. It has been my experience to see first hand the effects of medications on patients throughout these years. I know the good Lord gave us doctors, nurses, and medications as well as the natural herbs and remedies. Although I am drawn to the natural remedies and whole food supplements, several years ago, I asked Him to show me how and when to use both, since He gave us both. What I learned not only made me well, keeps me well, and it makes perfect sense. This is what my role in A Health Connection strives to do for all my clientele.