My Personal Pathway To Health

P7Have you been given a diagnosis from your doctor?  Are you sick in your body and are you taking medications for that condition?

I am a registered nurse, a holistic nutrition practitioner, and have worked in the healthcare system for over 25 years. I have also had health issues for 30 + years. However, the medical field considered my health issues to be normal/everyday conditions that everybody just takes a pill for and then, simply lives with it. This is when I became even more interested in nutrition and went on to become a holistic nutrition practitioner.

This is where I was 8 years ago when I first visited my doctor who had been my personal physician for 20 plus years. My complaints were that the food I ate hurt my stomach, I was nauseated much of the time, and suffered with Constipation. My doctor gave me pills and ran tests. As a result, there was a missed diagnosis along with a new diagnosis brought on by the medications my physician had ordered me to take while running the tests. Now, I still had Gastroesophageal Disease (GERD/Acid Reflux Disease), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Constipation/Diarrhea intermittently), and, in addition to these, I now had Systemic Yeast. I was very sick. My doctor wanted me to begin taking still more medicine at that time. Since I didn’t think that more medicine was the answer, I went to other physicians for their opinions, but, they all wanted to do the same thing. Finally, in desperation, I began seeing a nutritionist for the next 3 years. He did help me, but could not get the breakthrough that I very badly needed to regain my health. I was spending $700.00 a month ‘out of pocket’ because my insurance did not cover his services or the supplements that he gave me.  My husband and I could not afford this kind of money on a monthly basis, but my husband’s response was… ‘but, what do you have if you lose your health’…… and, he insisted that I continue to see the nutritionist. I am very grateful that he ‘strongly encouraged’ me to continue to pursue getting well. As stated earlier, this physician did help me some, but could not get the breakthrough that I needed.

During this time, one of the things I learned that was so beneficial to my healing was a personal cleansing program. This was a real turning point for me in getting well.

Shortly after this, I met a woman who had suffered with several very devastating health conditions and had to find her healing through her own research rather than through medical doctors.  When I shared with her my condition and asked if she could help me, her response was positive. She did a nutritional assessment on me, gave me 5 nutritional products, and my health began to return to me.  As a nurse, I knew how to do medical/nursing assessments, but I had never heard of a nutritional one before. It worked so well because it showed what was going on underneath the picture, not just the signs and symptoms my condition was causing.  And, I had taken many, many different kinds and brands of supplements, but nothing worked like this. I really began to feel good again, and I had energy to work 12 hours shift at the hospital and play with my grandchildren. I could also eat food again and it did not hurt me. Things were beginning to work the way they were supposed to.

That wasn’t all……The following year, I was introduced to real bread. By that I mean bread that is made from freshly-milled wheat berries. Wow! I had never tasted anything like this before. All of the bread on the store shelf always hurt my stomach and caused digestion issues for me. This was different. It was delicious and had real fiber that acted like a cleanser. That’s right, no more problems with digestion or constipation.

It took about 6 years for me to be really well again, In that time, I learned that there is a personal pathway to health and wellness for everyone if he/she is willing to stay the course and find what is right for them individually. I hope that my story will be an encouragement for anyone in the pursuit of their own pathway to health and wellness.

I would love for you to share your story with me.