Vitamins and Supplements

Most of us are aware that we do not get the nutrients we need in our food because the soil has been depleted since the 1930’s. Also, because the chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics used in growing our food also kills off the needed nutrients. And, as a result of our typical American diet, most of us no longer have the necessary digestive enzymes to break down the nutrients we do get from whole food and whole food supplements. These enzymes are necessary to break down nutrients so they can enter the cell. This is vital to life.

Where do you get these digestive enzymes? You can find them in some brands of WHOLE FOOD supplements that have NO FILLERS. You can also find them in our bread which is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is necessary to bind with fatty acids and take it to the cell where it enables the fatty acid to bind with the needed elements to perform such vital cell functions as forming it’s membrane, which protects from invaders.

It is very important to choose a WHOLE FOOD supplement without fillers or chemicals, otherwise, you will be wasting your money. You have heard the expression ‘expensive urine’. This is what you get if the supplement or vitamin you are taking is not getting into your cell where it is necessary for life/health to be sustained.

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