Did You Know?

Have you ever been on a diet or weight reduction plan, it worked, then six months later, you found yourself back where you started from?

Could it be because the plan/plans you tried were not for you? Could it be that weight loss and maintenance need to be very specific to the individual?

Here at A Health Connection LLC we think so. As a result, we have put together a plan that is so special to each person, it makes it easier than anything else you may have already tried.

Our Lifestyle Management program is quite unique as it begins with a nutritional assessment and consultation, then combines a detoxification process, which re-starts your metabolism, then combines eating for your blood type while incorporating the glycemic index. There are also coaching sessions which helps get you and keep you on tract.

Check out our website at www.ahealthconnection.com and click on ‘lifestyle management program’ for details.

Call 513 515-0710 or email at ahealthconnection@gmail.com for registration details.

Brenda Ihle RN
A Health Connection LLC

Our Lifestyle Management Program is fun and exciting as you create a new you. The group settings are also very supportive.