Do You Need To Be Gluten Free?

Concern over gluten intolerance is increasing in direct proportion to the growing promotion of whole grains. As a result, people are often confused regarding the role grains should play in a healthy diet.

We are often bombarded by hype in advertising about cereals and breads containing whole grains. The net result is that along the way, the true story of grains – both good and bad – gets lost in a barage of sensationalized hype.

While the Hallelujah Diet includes limited use of grains, is a gluten-free diet beneficial or even necessary? And if there are benefits to including whole grains, what are the options for people who are gluten intolerant?…….Health News, 2011

In a final analysis of our clients at A Health Connection LLC, we have learned that most people who believe they are gluten intolerant find out that they are not. After looking at the results of an individualized nutritional analysis and making food suggestions based on that person, the client discovers he/she can eat whole grains and a wide variety of other wheat products without difficulty. In fact, they find out that their G.I. tract (gastrointestional tract) becomes balanced and functions properly. This is due, in many cases, to simply getting the proper digestive enzymes that are needed for proper digestion and distribution in the system so that nutrients get into the cell where they are needed to ‘nourish’ the body and produce energy instead of fat. Many times these enzymes lie dormant due to preservatives in the diet as well as medications a person may be taking. Once the G. I. tract becomes balanced and functioning properly, the gluten issue becomes a non issue.