The Single Best Secret to Living Longer

Eat more fiber! Real fiber that is; not the boxed kind…..
No, not just because it is ‘heart-healthy’. People who load up on it seem to have a lower risk of dying early from any cause; a study soon to be published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests. The women who lived the longest ate the most fiber – 26 grams a day on average. That’s just 1 gram above the recommended intake, and it’s not a hard number to hit. Fruits, veggies and beans are great sources……You will feel fuller and more satisfied which leads to beneficial weight loss because you are eating fewer other foods…..Health magazine……

A Health Connection offers a license on high fiber breads and rolls that contain ‘real fiber’ because it does not ‘disturb’ the wheat berry life content. 1 slice of our whole wheat bread contains 4 grams of real fiber and 1 cinnamon roll contains 6 grams of real fiber. These are also sweetened with honey rather than processed sugar, so that these nutrients actually stabilize the blood sugar and instead of causing a rise in it. See our website for all products available…….Brenda Ihle, RN